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A letter from our CEO

Wow! What a year… And I don’t say that in a positive way, as many others would agree. I am sure, like myself and my family, many of you have experienced loss, worry, not to mention serious illness. Every day in the news we are still seeing reports of COVID cases, deaths and job losses; and the only positives we have to hang on to is that we are heading towards the end of this nightmare.

Our BePro family has not had an easy time, with several staff contracting COVID themselves, and others worrying over family members who contracted the disease. We have stuck together like the amazing family we are, supported each other not only during work hours but also on Friday night Zoom calls, glass of gin in hand! Not a day goes by without a motivational quote, funny meme or just a generally supportive message being shared on the team Whatsapp group.

Thanks to our amazing customers, and client engagement team who look after them, we have been lucky enough that we have needed only minimal government support, and we have suffered no casualties.

But it is not all doom and gloom! We have started 2021 welcoming a new quality assurance officer, as well as three new Development Coaches and a Functional Skills Tutor! January saw us induct record numbers of learners and we launched our biggest cohorts yet with The Big Table Group, as well as welcoming new employers Nissan, Smurfitt Kappa and Xoserve.

We have received the news that we have coveted for years since becoming an accredited CIPD centre; that we been approved to deliver the Level 7 Advanced Diploma qualifications as well as online only courses for all our CIPD qualifications!

In the coming months we will be launching our fourth and fifth cohorts of the HR Consultant/Partner apprenticeship with Amazon UK for the third year running, as well as launching the HR Support, Senior People Professional, L&D Practitioner and Coaching programmes.

In other exciting news, we have branched out into the Middle East, working together with Prime HR in Saudi Arabia to launch our CIPD programmes in the UAE.

2021 will not be without its challenges, as we navigate our way out of a pandemic and try to resume ‘normal’ lives, whatever that may look like. Us lucky training providers also have the pleasure of the RoATP refresh to look forward too, and potentially OFSTED popping in for a cup of tea at some point!

As we move into February, I would like to wish you all a positive year. Look out for regular blogs from the BePro team!



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