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Michael, HR Support apprentice at Amazon 2022

I saw the HR Support Apprenticeship offered by Amazon, applied, had the interview and was happy when I got the email to say that I was successful. My start date came around, I got to meet my on site team and then, before I knew it, I was about to join my first webinar with BePro, the rest of my Amazon cohort and our course Tutor, Fiona. I was nervous and apprehensive. I hadn’t done any studying since I was 18, all those years ago, and I didn’t know how I would fare. I quickly learnt that I had nothing to worry about. Fiona put myself and the rest of the cohort at ease straight away and although it was virtual, it felt very welcoming.


As we went through our first webinar I started realising how many skills I had from my previous career that I would be able to utilise and bring to the table whilst studying for my Apprenticeship and my CIPD level 3 qualification. It was great being able to share my experience with my team mates and interesting to find out the theory behind things I’d been doing for so many years.


Fiona has been amazing on my journey, both in out of webinars and also in our 1 to 1’s. She is really supportive and always there when we need anything, whether that is to do with our Apprenticeship, general support or someone to talk to. BePro have been great every step of our journey, from onboarding and ensuring any documents were processed quickly to get me on board and ready to go to ensuring communication with us is always on time so we know what’s happening and when.

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Apprenticeship Program Manager, Amazon

BePro have proved themselves to be a flexible and proactive training provider, tailoring the content of the delivery to Amazon. They fully support apprentices, are transparent and always provide accurate communication of apprentice progress.

We are now into our third cohort of L5 HR Consultant/Partner apprenticeships with BePro and from this year we are extending the programmes that they deliver to include the L3 HR, Coaching Professional L5 and the Learning & Development L5 apprenticeships. 

Jon Bridge, L&D Practitioner, North Yorkshire Police

In October 2021 I completed my L&D Practitioner apprenticeship;. I really did commit to undertaking the work I needed to do and was very pleased to achieve a Distinction. 

It didn’t take me long to understand all the different aspects and stages of the learning that I had ahead of me. BePro’s IT systems which I had access to were very user friendly and helped to me keep a track of where I was and what work needed to be done. This was a huge help in terms of my time management.


As I made progress with my assessments and moved on towards Gateway, I did have questions and queries which my coach, Cat Nowland was always there to help guide me through.


Throughout my learning I found the regular 1-2-1 meetings that I had with Cat to be of great benefit to me. These meetings really did keep me on track, and I felt I could put to Cat (BePro) any obstacles which I was encountering. I felt that they were invested in me as a student but didn’t just care about me achieving the best result possible, but also genuinely cared about my welfare along the way.


Looking back, having now successfully completed my learning, I can’t thank all at BePro enough for what they have done for me. The knowledge and skills that I now have are helping me in everything I do at work. How I used to do things compared with now are so different. The only reason for that is all what I have learnt over the last couple of years.


It was hard work, doing all what was needed alongside my job, but I was never told it was going to be anything other than a big commitment. BePro however did everything I feel possible to support me at every step of the way.

Emma, Apprentice and Contract Manager at Booking.com

I was incredibly excited to get started on the Learning and Development Business Partner apprenticeship to help further my knowledge in Learning and Development, but also to embark on my journey as an apprentice to see first-hand what the experience is like so I can look for ways we can strengthen the apprenticeship program in Booking.com. BePro were really helpful with my onboarding, talking me through each stage and answering any questions I had. The workshops we had with Aman were really insightful, providing us with the information and structure we needed for our assignments. The workshops were set up with lots of time to discuss and share different theories or approaches with people from other companies so it was great to build my network as well. Paula was great to have as a skills coach, she was on hand if I had any questions and would make sure I had all the information I needed for my portfolio and professional discussion as well as checking in to make sure I was getting on ok. For anyone who is considering doing an apprenticeship with BePro, get signed up as you won't regret it! 


Contracting with BePro has been really straight forward, they were able to answer all the questions we had at the start and were really accommodating. They also provide us with monthly reporting on where our apprentices are up and will contact us if there are any concerns. They have always responded positively and proactively to any feedback that has been provided to them. 

Louise Stanley, L&D Consultant/Partner, Smurfitt Kappa

I began my apprenticeship journey with BePro in November 2020. Although not new to studying, I decided to undertake a Level 5 in Learning and Development for two primary reasons, firstly I had recently moved into a new L&D role (new for me and new for the business) and I felt that my specialist L&D knowledge was lacking, and secondly because I was unfamiliar in practice with how apprenticeships worked and therefore felt ill-informed to advise the business and employees about the benefits of this method of study and personal development.

My particular programme was delivered virtually, which offered flexibility around managing my day-to-day responsibilities both with work and family. The sessions were attended by fellow L&D practitioners from a range of different industries which helped to stimulate discussion and debate and the trainers used a range of tools and techniques to appeal to different learning styles.

The assignments were thought-provoking and were all relatable to my work; they helped me to structure a number of key conversations, especially with senior managers, as I had ‘done my homework’ and researched certain topics in greater depth, enabling me to build a better understanding of internal and external factors that might impact on my field of expertise and consequently the business.

For those of you who may be thinking of starting an apprenticeship, there are a few tips I would like to share if you permit me:

  • See every new learning experience as an opportunity contribute towards your time-log and learning journal. It’s not just about the learning that takes place during the workshop, it’s how you apply it back in your workplace.

  • Start your learning journal early and keep on top of it. It does take a bit of effort to reflect on what you have learned, but in hindsight, it is a really useful practice, especially when challenged to consider what could be done differently or better in the future.

  • Studying as an apprentice means you are also working and have other ‘stuff’ to do. Keep on track by a ‘little and often’ approach rather than leave things to the last minute if you can.

  • Structure your assignments by looking at the overall word-count, then break your assignment down into smaller sections using the knowledge, skills and behaviours framework relevant to your apprenticeship as a guide, and assign an approximate word-count next to each section to help keep you on track.

  • Enjoy the learning process. Be open and be curious. You only get out what you put in.