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An apprenticeship is a work based learning qualification that allows the learner to gain real work experience and skills alongside learning their subject knowledge.

With hundreds of different types of apprenticeships now available, they are no longer aimed at 'young people' entering the world of work.

We offer HR, L&D and Coaching apprenticeships from level 3 through to level 7 (masters degree level), and they range from entry level to expert so there is something here for everyone, no matter where you are on your career ladder.


The Apprenticeship Levy

The apprenticeship levy was introduced to encourage businesses with an annual payroll bill of £3 million or more to upskill their staff and bring in new talent with the use of apprenticeships; work based training that is tailored to the organisation. Each month, 0.5% of the payroll spend is put into a levy pot that can be used to pay for apprenticeships in full.

Small employers can benefit from government funding to bring in an apprentice or upskill a current member of staff with an apprenticeship. Unless the apprentice is aged 16-18 then the employer will be required to contribute just 5% of the total apprenticeship cost.

For more information about how this works, or to discuss how we can help you to spend your levy effectively on training that suits your organisational objectives, please contact our Client Engagement team at

What we offer

Coaching Professional Level 5

HR Support Level 3

People Professional Level 5

L&D Practitioner Level 3

L&D Consultant/Partner Level 5

Senior People Professional Level 7

Recruitment Consultant Level 3

Team Leader Level 3

Operations Manager Level 5


Real talk...

Bespoke Professional Development and Training Ltd has provided all of CPI’s apprenticeships in HR and L&D for 5 years now. Over that time, we have experienced their continual development in both the way their apprenticeships are ran and the offering available... The feedback from our apprentices have been that their deliverers are engaging and encouraging which means we are looking to continue our links with BePro in the future."


Hayley, L&D Business Partner at CPI


Why choose us?

At BePro, you don’t simply buy into training and apprenticeships – you invest your funds into a team of professional trainers, committed to supporting your employees through each of their training modules.

We work closely with employers to provide bespoke training packages that will develop workplace skills and prosper team growth.

We’re recognised by employers, nationwide, for our impressive achievement rates, our open and transparent communication and our competitive pricing.

When committing to any one of our bespoke training packages, you’ll be appointed with your very own sole point of contact, so you can easily and personally reach us any time you might need our support.


For a training provider you can trust, discover BePro – the leaders in professional development.

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