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Team Leader Apprenticeship
(Level 3)

Team Leaders are vital for the smooth running of all departments in any organisation. They help to ensure each function can achieve its goals and provide first line support for many.


Team Leaders have responsibility for managing individuals, a team, or elements of a project.


They provide direction, instructions and guidance to ensure the achievement of set goals in line with legislation and the organisation’s procedures. 


Team leaders may work as part of a network or in a range of team settings. They work within agreed budgets and available resources and report to mid-level and senior managers.


They may occasionally be responsible for decision-making, but more often will guide or influence the decisions of others including collecting and interpreting data to find trends, analysing resources, and identifying ways to save money and improve efficiency. 

Team Leaders will understand how their role supports the wider organisation structure. They will apply codes of practice, legislation, and regulation in respect of their organisation’s areas of operation. This will apply not only to legal and ethical responsibilities but will also include equity, inclusion, and the sustainability impacts of the organisation. 

If you feel that this programme may not be the right level for you and you may have the majority of the knowledge and skills already, the Operations Manager apprenticeship might be a better route for you.


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Building your Skills, Knowledge & Behaviours

Team Leader apprentices will typically be responsible for supporting, managing, and developing individuals, managing projects, planning, and monitoring workloads and resources, delivering operational plans, resolving problems, and building relationships internally and externally. 


Behaviours Required

Team Leader apprentices will be professional and act with integrity. They will be supportive, inclusive and promote a culture of ethical behaviour.

They will be flexible, adaptable and take accountability and ownership of their tasks and workload and support others with theirs.

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