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Who we are

BePro are leading specialist providers of professional development courses and apprenticeships. Offering qualifications and training to both individuals and organisations, BePro’s main company mission is to provide accessible learning opportunities, nationwide.


We strive to deliver high standards in quality, both through our courses and training packages, alongside the support service we provide to clients.


Our goal is to bring economic success to the wider community, offering competitive pricing for top recognised qualifications in business and education.

We are specialists. Renowned for our impressive achievement rate and recommended for our supportive and innovative approach to learning, we are first-choice providers for professional development training.

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Our story

BePro was founded back in 2014 to plug the gap in quality and bespoke professional development training provision. Today, BePro offer a vast range of courses, apprenticeships and training packages catered to both individuals and employers. Throughout the last ten years the team has grown from just 2, to almost 50 staff.


Experienced managers, specialist trainers and coaches are all supported by a fantastic admin and client engagement team.  Over time, BePro’s practices and course offerings have developed to meet market demand, though one thing has remained the same – the core mission to provide an exceptional learning experience at all times.

In line with their founding values, BePro continue to deliver cost-effective training solutions, ensuring accessibility and quality of learning remain the company’s primary focus. BePro aim to combat some of the ineffective learning provision in existence, bringing quality and integrity to the whole of the UK.

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Real talk...

Bespoke Professional Development and Training Ltd has provided all of CPI’s apprenticeships in HR and L&D for 3 years now. Over that time, we have experienced their continual development in both the way their apprenticeships are ran and the offering available... The feedback from our apprentices have been that their deliverers are engaging and encouraging which means we are looking to continue our links with BePro in the future."


Hayley, L&D Business Partner at CPI



BePro promote a friendly, engaging workplace environment where we acknowledge, appreciate and reward the efforts of our team members. Working with BePro provides an opportunity to discover and explore an exciting new career path with unlimited possibilities for promotion and success.



Provide access to professional development opportunities that enable learners to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, and improve the competitive advantage of their organisations, and ultimately bring economic success to the wider community.



As a professional organisation with highly qualified and experienced personnel we are totally committed to providing our learners with the highest quality learning experience and to ensuring that individual needs are identified and met. Learner progress and achievement is constantly reviewed through individual tutorials and assessment feedback.




Be committed to providing the best learning experience suited to individual customer needs through dedicated professionally qualified and experienced staff


Encourage, motivate and inspire success in our learners

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Promote equal opportunities and value diversity


Responsibility and accountability within the business

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Openness and transparency in all we do

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