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senior people professionals

Senior People Professional


(Level 7)

Senior People Professionals are found in all industries and are a key component of virtually all types of business model where there is a workforce to support and manage.


Apprentices at BePro can choose from two different routes.


One includes an academic qualification (Level 7 CIPD Diploma in Strategic People Management or Strategic Learning and Development) and is studied over a 24 month period, giving more time for the apprentice to implement initiatives and gather the practical work for the portfolio of evidence.  

This apprenticeship* is accredited by the CIPD, the professional body for people and development in the UK, and the apprentice will achieve MCIPD upon successful completion of the End Point Assessment. 

The broad purpose of the Senior People Professional is to improve people practices in organisations in order to drive organisational performance and effectiveness.


Senior People Professionals are the in-house experts in people, work and change. They champion the people agenda to create working environments and cultures that help get the best out of people, delivering great organisational outcomes.

*Apprentices will need to become a member of the CIPD which is payable directly to the CIPD and is approximately £140.

If you feel that this apprenticeship may be not be suitable for you, check out the People Professional apprenticeship which may be more appropriate.


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Building your Skills, Knowledge & Behaviours

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for applying their knowledge and expertise to lead the design, implementation and evaluation of people policies and practices aligned to the needs of the organisation and its employees.


They will be responsible for leading people projects and/or playing a key role in larger organisation-wide programmes, managing their own work with a high level of autonomy. Senior People Practitioners have to keep up to date with relevant legislation and regulation and make timely interventions to ensure their organisation’s relations with its people are effective and compliant.

Building your Relationships

This occupation interacts with a range of stakeholders across their organisation, creating medium to long-term value for a wide audience. In larger organisations, they may be part of a wider specialist team.

They may also lead a team of HR/L&D/OD consultants/advisers. In smaller organisations, they might be solely responsible for the entire people agenda and report directly to the organisation lead. At this level, Senior People Professionals are ambassadors for their organisations and will typically have wide-ranging networks and need to interact with a wide range of internal and external senior stakeholders.



Senior People Professionals may specialise in:

  • Human Resources (HR)

  • Learning and Development (L&D)

  • Organisation Development (OD)

This Apprenticeship Occupational Standard takes a core and options approach. All apprentices will complete the core and must select the one most appropriate option to their role from HR, L&D and OD.


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