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L&D Consultant/Partner

(Level 5)

Duration: 18 months (approx)

Qualification: CIPD Associate Diploma in Learning & Development


A Learning and Development Consultant/Business Partner is accountable for ensuring learning and development contributes to, and influences, improved performance in the workplace at an individual, team and organisation level. 


This apprenticeship will take around 18 months to complete.


The Learning and Development Consultant/Business Partner role exists within a range of organisations including private, public and third sector.


Typically, the individual works alongside colleagues who specialise in Human Resources (i.e. employee relations, reward, recruitment), often supported by a Learning & Development Administrator and/or Learning & Development Practitioner.


They report to a Senior Learning & Development Manager, Head of Department or Director.


In larger organisations, they may be a member of a team supporting the business, and may have responsibility for managing people and a budget.

As part of the apprenticeship* with BePro, apprentices will study the CIPD Associate Diploma in Learning and Development for no additional cost outside of the funding band.*

*Apprentices will need to become a member of the CIPD which is payable directly to them and is approximately £140.


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Building your Skills, Knowledge & Behaviours

The role can be a generalist learning and development or more specialist, where the focus and in-depth expertise is in a specific area such as organisation development, digital and blended learning, resourcing, or talent management. Whichever the area of focus, the role requires a good grounding across all areas of Learning and development, and is business and future focused.

Making an Impact

Upon completion of this apprenticeship, the apprentice will have a good understanding of paradigms, theories and models that underpin effective adult learning, group behaviour and learning culture, for example behaviourism, cognitivism, constructivism, neuroscience.

They will understand the merits of different learning delivery channels to select an appropriate face-to-face, blended or digital solution.


Apprentices will also be up to date on areas such as the latest learning practice, trends and emerging thinking, positively incorporating diversity and inclusion into learning and development interventions and processes.

Also covered in the training are change management methodologies and the principles of project management, wow to measure the impact, return on investment and expectation of learning on the business and the collection of data and information, both qualitative and quantitative, to analyse learning needs, implement effective delivery and measure outcomes and impact.

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Building your

L&D Consultant/Partners will become role model for the learning and development profession, inspiring and galvanising others around learning solutions, ensuring that learning is embedded and delivers ambitious goals, outcomes and timelines.

They can enable different departments or stakeholders to effectively work together above their own agendas and priorities.


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