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Elsie, our very own apprentice!

After completing my GCSEs at school, the thought of college didn’t appeal to me that much I rather prefer learning while doing. So, I thought an apprenticeship would be perfect for what I was looking for, I originally went into a hairdressing apprentice role which I realised after a while it wasn’t for me and I wanted to do something more challenging. I then began to look for an Admin apprenticeship as I thought I could excel my skills further within this role and this is when I came across BePro’s vacancy.

Since joining the BePro team I have realised how much I now love going to work. As I first joined the team, I was completing usual admin duties and helping other members of the team. However, just recently I have begun to further my skills into taking over all BePro’s social media platforms and taking small steps towards helping my colleague Cathy with client engagement. After I complete my apprenticeship, I really hope to progress within BePro and watch the company grow as the team are so helpful and supportive.

If anyone were thinking of doing an apprenticeship I would 100% go for it! It is such a great starting point for a carer in the future, one of the main things I love about my apprenticeship is the experience of working within an office along with the team and learning at the same time.

Outside of work I enjoy going for adventurous walks, spending time with friends and family and of course shopping!

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