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Sustainable September

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

September is going to be a full month of focus, attention and fun based around sustainability. We've put together a calendar of events...

1st September

Commit to only buying second hand goods for the entire month. Buy pre-loved or take another look at what you’ve already got at home

2nd September

The next time you go shopping, buy loose produce where possible and leave the plastic behind

3rd September

Go Vegan for the day

4th September

Get out for a walk, enjoy fresh air and take a look at what it is we need to fight to protect

5th September

No plastic to be used at all today! Find more sustainable alternatives instead

6th September

Save water and swap the bath for a 4-minute shower. Don’t forget to turn off the tap when you’re cleaning your teeth too!

7th September

Turn off lights and unplug appliances when not in use – savings for you and the planet

8th September (National clean-up day)

Gather family and friends and head out on a local litter pick – log 45 mins to get your steps up and help the environment

9th September

Ditch the surface wipes and use a reusable cloth instead

10th September

Have a good clear out and donate unwanted items to your local charity shop. Saves them from landfill, frees up space, helps others to avoid buying new and does good for charity too!

11th September

Get a plant or two for your home

12th September

Commit to no food waste for the next week. Get creative with those leftovers and share ideas with friends and colleagues.

13th September

No pre-packaged lunches! Use up leftovers or take your own

14th September

Wash at 30 unless you’re really dirty! Even better, select a quick wash too

15th September

Buy and plant a tree to celebrate a new arrival, mark a special occasion or to remember a lost loved one. You can also do this through National Trust from as little as £5

16th September

Pause before you print and you do print single sided, re-use the pages as a notepad by your laptop

17th September

Take your own reusable cup to your favourite coffee shop so you don’t need to create more waste

18th September

Get crafty and upcycle any unwanted clothes, furniture or furnishings – good for your mind, soul and bank account!

19th September

Be a veggie today

20th September

Only boil enough water for what you need

21st September

Swap your usual lightbulbs for low energy, eco bulbs, even better, turn the lights off and light a soothing candle instead

22nd September (National car free day)

Leave the car at home and walk, cycle, run or take public transport to get around

23rd September

Research growing your own fruit, veg or herbs. Maybe there is a community plot or garden near you that you could help out at

24th September

Consider investing in a shampoo bar and conditioner – some gorgeous ones out there now and they have virtually no packaging

25th September

Treat yourself to a nice reusable water bottle and banish single use plastic from your home

26th September

Commit to shop local whenever possible to minimise your own carbon footprint

27th September

Turn down the heating thermostat a couple of degrees, even better put it on a timer

28th September

Check your insulation needs - draughty windows, loft insulation, heat reflectors behind your radiators, energy efficient heaters etc.

29th September

Switch to eco friendly refills wherever possible. Cleaning products, shower gels, shampoos and even cosmetics are now available as refills.

30th September

Congratulate yourself for all of your sustainability efforts during September and select the ones you’re going to fully commit to. Well done!

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