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BePro is an innovative training provider that specialises in the field of Human Resources. We offer high quality apprenticeships that are designed to give you the necessary skills and knowledge to become a successful HR professional.

We're committed to helping you get the best out of your apprenticeship experience. We have a team of experienced professionals that are passionate about their work and are dedicated to helping you reach your professional goals. Sign up today and take the first step towards a successful career in HR.

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HR Support Level 3

HR Consultant/Partner Level 5

Senior People Professional Level 7

Recruitment Consultant Level 3

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner Level 4

BePro Development

BePro Development  Ltd take your privacy and data protection extremely seriously. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can direct them to

BePro Development is a training provider of education and professional development. Our website will not capture your personal data, such as name, email address and contact number, without your consent being given at the time of data-entry – typically via the usage of one of our contact forms.

All personal data submitted to us is held as securely as reasonably possible in accordance with the Data Protection Act and in accordance with GDPR. 

Data Usage

BePro Development does not sell or transfer any personal information collected from our website to any other company or organisation.

Some website usage data is shared with third parties, predominantly in the form of website statistics which are hosted and managed by the third-party company such as Google for analytics purposes and other web analytics services.

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HR Apprenticeships

Our skilled and experienced team of HR professionals are ready to help you achieve your organisational objectives through your people.

Invest in your human resources with an HR apprenticeship with BePro.

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